Mergers & Acquisitions

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Are you considering buying out a competitor, but aren’t quite sure how to proceed?

Are you thinking of selling your business after years of sacrifice and effort?

Are you searching for assistance or advice on how to merge with another business so you can expand your services and market segment?

Each of these topics is multifaceted, and obtaining the professional advice you need to effectively navigate them may be more difficult than you think.

There are three commonly accepted levels of Mergers and Acquisitions. Most of the consulting market focuses on serving the needs of Mergers and Acquisitions over the $500 million dollar range and those ranging from $500 million down to $25 million dollars. These two groups have that greatest amount of activity. Generally the $500-$25 million Mergers and Acquisitions can be effectively handled by a modestly sized Consulting Firm; both the consultant and buyer/seller receive a favorable rate of return on their time.

In today’s economy however, it’s group three, the Mergers and Acquisitions of $25 million dollars or less, that need assistance more than ever. Despite the market need, Mergers and Acquisitions falling into group three have more or less been abandoned to “Business Brokers” who act as intermediaries in much the same way as a commercial real estate company would. These brokers minimize their time commitment by selling through the web or a network of contacts – providing little to no added value other than introducing buyers and sellers. This reality forces owners and purchasers to use accountants who may use cookie cutter templates and formulas to crunch out numbers; however, they don’t have the necessary background to understand or communicate the significance of the resulting calculations.

At NLP CPAs, we believe that owners and investors considering mergers, acquisitions, and/ or dispositions in the $25 million or less range should have access to advice that considers the unique financial and organizational issues facing the lower end of the Mergers and Acquisitions market.

  • How do you obtain the necessary capital without giving up controlling interest?
  • How do you minimize the risk of failure?
  • How do you maximize the sales price of the firm you have developed over the years?

About half of all Mergers and Acquisitions fall well short of expectations. Maximize your potential for success by taking the time to get qualified, experienced counsel. After all, if your project is worth doing, it is worth doing it properly. Right?

Nick Potocska, CPA, MBA, and partner of NLP CPAs, has 25 years experience with mergers and acquisitions across a broad range of industries.

Call our office (757) 366-9818 (Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and ask for an appointment with Nick. He will be glad to meet with you to discuss the mergers and acquisitions on your horizon. The first 45 minutes of the consultation are free of charge.