Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisors

Our business clients face a common issue: purchasing “user friendly” software isn’t enough to meet a business’s bookkeeping needs. Without a basic knowledge of accounting, even setting up a chart of accounts can’t be done properly, and all too often “logical” data entry ends up being, at best, inconsistent, and at worst, just plain wrong. Many of our first clients came to us because their accounting records were a disaster. Clients need accounting professionals who understand what’s happening with the debits and credits “behind the scenes”, inside the software. To meet this need, we became Certified ProAdvisors® for the most common software used by our clients – Intuit’s popular QuickBooks®.

ProAdvisors® vs Certified ProAdvisors®

There’s a difference between a ProAdvisors® and a Certified ProAdvisor®. The same fee is paid to Intuit in each case, but to become a Certified ProAdvisor®, an individual must complete exams that test the knowledge and skill level in using the QuickBooks product. It can take 12-13 hours to earn the designation of Certified ProAdvisor®. To attain an Advanced title requires certification in the three most recent versions, and may take as much as 100 hours to pass the proficiency exams. The NLP CPAs team includes five Certified ProAdvisors®, several of whom have also passed the rigorous testing to qualify as Advanced ProAdvisors® and/or Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisors®.

Our Certified ProAdvisor® Services

With over 50 years combined experience (QuickBooks® was still in DOS format when we first started working with the software!), we are experts at rebuilding crashed QuickBooks® files and/or cleaning up the books for new clients who found themselves floundering or overwhelmed.

In addition, we provide QuickBooks “set up” services for those who are just starting out, or for those who are transferring from another software into QuickBooks. Over the years we’ve customized Charts of Accounts for numerous industries, and developed proprietary applications within QuickBooks such as:

  • customized reports to facilitate single-to-multiple city business licenses
  • customized reports for fixed asset tracking (for depreciation and taxes)
  • “standard” reports such as customer statements, sales reports, job tracking, budgets, estimates, and purchase tracking

We strongly recommend that businesses prepare their books on a monthly basis and then have a CPA assist management in presenting their books/ information in the form of financial statements. It’s much easier to catch and correct mistakes on a monthly basis than at year end, when errors have been compounded and time is at a premium.

NLP CPAs provides solid accounting services  that enable our clients to gain useful reports on a timely basis. These reports not only help business owners understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can make more informed decisions, but they are also instrumental for ongoing tax planning throughout the year. We offer monthly or quarterly services on a customized basis to meet a client’s budget and needs.

The first 45 minutes of an initial consultation are free of charge. Call today to talk to us about how we can help meet your needs.